How to pick your next travel destination?

So you want to travel somewhere but don’t know where to go? how do you choose if there are over a million places to see, visit, or relax in? well, what do you see when you close your eyes? A beach, a city, in the tropic, out in the jungle, or just chilling by the pool? If you still don’t know where you may be wanting to go, here are some questions you should ask yourself before closing your eyes and picking a flight to a random destination:

How long do you want to go?

Going on vacation sounds like a great plan but how long do you have? are you wanting to go for a week? Two weeks? Travel to nearby cities or islands? Or just for the weekend? If you are just going for a week then you have many options to choose from. But if you are going for more then you have to ask yourself if you’re going to get bored of the destination you chose. It’s great to go on a vacation but if you’re going to get bored 3 days in, then maybe this was not the vacation for you. Are you traveling alone or with family?

Are you traveling alone or with family?

If you are traveling alone then finding a place where you can meet new people if often times better for you. If you are traveling with your family then maybe having your kids and husband or wife help you by choosing random destinations in a hat might help. If anything, getting their insight on the places they might want to go can help you choose the place you and your family would love to go to.

Your budget:

This plays a big part in any travel destination planning. If your budget is unlimited then maybe going out of the country is for you and your family. Diving in on different cultures and scenery. Throwing yourself out of your comfort zone by learning the traditions of the country your visiting has to offer. Or maybe if your budget is short, then renting a car and seeing where you will end up on, sounds like a great plan too. Getting to know your family and bond while driving to the beach, a different state, to the mountains, or to a whole new city. finding your budget can help you tremendously as you can not only plan on how much you will need for your trip but maybe have enough to buy a souvenir at the end.

And if all else fails, put a blindfold on and let your finger land on your next destination. Who knows maybe that will be your next tradition or a very thrilling experience. The whole point is to go and experience a place you’ve never been to before. Get out of your comfort zone and go to a city that does not speak your language, take your children to a place they always wanted to go, or drive until you can see the stars clearly. Wherever you choose I’m sure it won’t disappoint and who knows, you may even want to go back the next time you’re choosing your next travel destination.